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To find a great first home for Jon in the south end of the city, with enough bedrooms for roomates, something that had a sound foundation and structure and that would eventually and ideally have good resale value. Jon really wanted a two-storey in cathedral.

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Jon had a very good idea of what he wanted and needed in a home. The most important thing overall for him was the area. When considering his budget, the type of home he wanted and style it was proving difficult to really find the “one”. It was also proving to be very difficult to find a property that had a noticeably sound foundation. Jon did not want a brick foundation, this also eliminated many potential properties.

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The first step to purchasing a home is always going and looking at potential candidates. We viewed as many as we could that fit his criteria. We were having issues finding one that worked for what he needed. Initially Jon really did not want a Bungalow, in fact he was against it. We found some places that could work but eventually had traits that wouldn’t fit his lifestyle. After some time, I convinced him to start looking at bungalows and broaden the search, especially because he wanted to stick to a very specific area in the city. He had to be willing to sacrifice some of his needs in order to fulfill others. It can be better to purchase a property, especially your fist one, that has a very high potential for resale, so that eventually you can trade up to the home of your dreams, especially if it is out of reach at a specific time.

Matt was fantastic to work with. His willingness to discuss the negatives to a home and potential solutions was very refreshing. He was really flexible with meeting times, was very easy to contact, and overall really knowledgeable.

~ Jon Soroka

Home Sold

Jon ended up buying a very nice bungalow in the area that he wanted. In order to really get the best home that suited his needs, he had to re-assess his needs and wants and be willing to sacrifice some things in order to get others. He really ended up with the perfect home for what he needed!


I was honoured to be able to help in every way I could and was even more honoured to get such amazing feedback from him. Thank you so much!

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