The Importance of Pricing

The Importance of Pricing

May 11, 2018

How much is your home worth?

The Importance of Pricing

It is most important to price your home properly from the very beginning. Over-pricing your home is a sure way to deter qualified buyers. No one will ever pay more for something than they think it is worth, they will also not pay more for something if they can find something similar and/or serves the same utility.  

This means if you price your home even 5% above market value  you are already losing the interest of 30% of potential buyers. (Send me a message to receive my report on pricing)

Forces that affect the value of a Home

There are multiple factors that affect the value afforded to your home, most of these are all external factors that you as the owner have very little to no direct control over:

Location: The location of your home is very important to the value. It’s proximity to desirable amenities, the neighbourhood, how close it is to major roadways, location on the block (corner lot, cul-de-sac, etc.) or floor for condominiums, waterfront for rural properties, etc.


Age: The age of your property will directly affect it’s age due to natural depreciation. Certain factors can offset the effects of age, this includes location, size, if it had been well-kept and updated.


Size: The size of your home will affect its value directly, this includes total square footage (only what is above grade), total number of bedrooms, total number of bathrooms, and lot size. Certain homes with the same size will be afforded more values than others based on their construction type. A bungalow with the same size as a split-level will be afforded more value because of this.


Additional Structures: Additional structures such as garages will directly add value based on their size.


Updating/care and attention: This is a factor that you have direct control over. If you have constantly kept your home in great condition, repaired and updated it throughout the years you have added value to your home. When repairing a home it is very important to apply the principle of contribution, make sure everything you do to your home adds more value to the overall price than the cost of the update/repair. (Contact me if you require advice on this). Knowing how to properly stage your home for showings will add lots of curb appeal and will give it more up-front value in the minds of buyers. (Contact me for my guide to staging)

Subjective Value

Subjective value is created and exists only in the minds of potential buyers, sellers, owners, and the users of real estate. It is the price people will pay for a property. It is very important to think like a buyer when selling your home. Buyers directly control the prices of homes on the market. Buyers are not buying your memories and attachment to your home, this is IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER. The principle of substitution applies here, you would not pay more for a something when you can get the same thing that serves the same utility elsewhere. (Contact me for my guide on “Where buyers look”)


Current Market Conditions

The most impactful force that determines the value of your home is the current market conditions. This, unfortunately is a volatile and dynamic beast that no one can directly control. Many things affect the market, this includes the economy, the amount of listings on the market, the amount of qualified buyers, the tightness of lenders on financing, to name a few.

You as a seller are at the mercy of the market, it is imperative that you price your home accordingly.

Market value is different than assessed value or how much it cost to build your home. In order to determine accurate and effective market value in order to sell your home for the highest price in the shortest amount of time in your current market you need to get in contact with a professional.

Agents do not simply “guess” the value of your home, a good agent will put in his/her research through due diligence using active and sold (historical) homes and their expert knowledge to determine the market value for your home.

The Importance of Pricing
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