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Should you look for a Condo or a home?

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Should you look for a Condo or a home?

June 5, 2018


When it comes time to move the questions is always asked should you get a condo or buy a new home? When thinking about this you really need to lay out what you want and need in a property but also really take into account your lifestyle. There are some questions that you really need to ask yourself prior to making a decision like this.


  1. How much space to you really need? What do you consider to be comfortable living space? You will be paying a premium for more space, do you really need that? If you are moving out on your own then you should really think about a condo, if you are planning on having renters or starting a family maybe a home with more space is better for you.
  2. Do you have time to do yard work and maintenance? The perk to living in a condo is all the exterior maintenance is done for you, so you do not have to get up and mow your lawn or shovel snow. If you find you don’t have the time for these types of things are just simply don’t want to then maybe a condo is for you. If you like doing yard work, etc. then a house will be more up your alley.
  3. Where do you want to live? If you want to live closer to your work or in a more central/commercial area then you may want a condo. If you are working downtown and prefer to walk to work then this would be more ideal, if you prefer living away from more central areas, you may want a home.
  4. Can you live in close proximity to other people? Are you comfortable living below someone? Above someone? Right beside someone? If you answered yes then a condo may be a good fit, if no, look for a detached property.

Condominiums are much more ideal for couples and working professionals where as a home is the perfect place for families. Make sure you really take the time to think about these things when searching for your home. Location also plays a huge role in the price of a property, so depending on the location you desire, you could be looking at only being able to fit a condo within your budget.


Don’t be scared to buy into a condo, now is a great time for buyers to snatch up a great unit for a great price. Remember that there are plenty of different types of condo’s, you can have apartment style, townhouse/row, and duplex’s. Try and find the best option for you and your lifestyle!

Should you look for a Condo or a home?
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Hey there, I'm Matthew Taylor. I work with individuals and families looking to buy or sell real estate  in Regina and all surrounding areas who are looking for professional, responsive, and honest service to find the property that is best for them and sell their home in the quickest amount of time for the most amount of money. I want my clients to be the most informed, educated, and knowledgeable when purchasing or selling a home. I've been a Realtor® for a few years and I've served over 10 families to date. The best praise I've ever received from a client was:

"As first time home buyers we were nervous, we didn't know anything about the real-estate market. Mathew Taylor was an amazing realtor to work with , he answered all our questions and made sure we were taken care of. He truly had our best interest in mind in helping us find the perfect home for our little family . We have nothing but good things to say about Matthew and just keep up the good work".

Helping people to find the perfect home for them like that, makes me so proud and drives everything I do. If you're looking for a Realtor who truly has your best interests at heart, Then we might be a good fit. I've earned two degrees, one in music performance and another in music education. When I'm not helping people find their perfect home, I can be found playing music, teaching music to kids, spending time with my family and friends, or volunteering at the YWCA. Want to learn more about how we can work together? Call or text me at 306-988-7554.

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