sell your home in regina

The process to sell your home in Regina can be a daunting task that can potentially take months to complete. It requires much advertising, mountains of paperwork, effort, time, money, and can cause excess stress – sometimes it is very hard to think about where to even begin. Everyone wants the same two things when trying to sell property; to sell their home in the shortest amount of time possible and to net the highest dollar value. We would like to give you some helpful tips and information on how to get started in order to achieve these two goals.


Don’t leave money on the table

First and foremost, your best possible resource when selling a property is a REALTOR®. An agent will guide you through the entire process with ease and advise you on all the necessary steps and processes on how to achieve the shortest sale possible for the best dollar.

The biggest misconception is that by trying to sell privately you will save money on commission – you may save commission on the selling side of the transaction but how much did you lose? When selling privately, you do not have the professional industry knowledge, marketing skills, nor the proven negotiation skills of an agent and may find yourself pitted against a buyer who does have a REALTOR® – and more than likely most buyers will have a real estate professional represent them, leaving you at a disadvantage.

You will also find when selling privately you are using your own time and money to to get your property sold but, is your time and money not valuable to you? Do you know where to spend your time and money effectively? Almost all home buyers looking to buy homes that are listed privately are looking for a deal and they intend to pay less than average market price. Yes, you saved money on commission but how much did you lose selling well under market value. The first step in the selling process should always be contacting an agent.


Knowing the market is just the first step

In the Real Estate world we can categorize the major selling points of homes into three major categories. They are; Location, Price, and Condition. If we look at these more critically we can all agree that a combination of the three is ideal as buyers want the best location, or the location that suits them the best, and they want it for the best price vs condition.

These three characteristics can offset one another. Think of it as a well-balanced scale; if the location is poor, but the other two traits are great, it is balanced. If the condition is poor and the location is poor, yet the price is high, that isn’t a well balanced scale for selling.

As a seller, you need to critically look at these traits and decide if they balance each other out and if they don’t you need to make adjustments. One of these traits you can not change is the location… well, you could, but you shouldn’t 🙂 However, as a seller you have the power to change the price and the condition of your home and using an agent from our team will make you confident you’re putting your hard earned money into the appropriate upgrades before putting your home on the market.

Price is the most important part of selling your property. Not only setting the right price, but setting the right price at the right time is crucial to selling your property in the shortest amount of time possible for the highest amount of money.

Let’s look at some scenarios where price can negatively affect the sale of your property. The first and foremost negative way price can affect the sale of your home is by pricing too high. Pricing too high can be as simple as being negligent toward the basic principle of competition.

If you are pricing similarity or higher to any other property that is similar to yours, you have already lost. You need to be very aware of how your property stacks up against the competition – emotion aside.

Sometimes all of the current competition may be over priced out of ego or lack of knowledge so you need to price your home based on the current market and this is one of the uncountable reasons you should have an agent working with and for you.

Knowing the market condition doesn’t mean knowing what a neighbour is selling their home for, nor does it mean knowing how much your uncle just paid for his house. Having market knowledge is deeper – it is understanding the area as a whole.

Knowing what has sold for the past few years to the past few days, knowing what is or isn’t selling, knowing what is currently listed, and especially knowing what buyers are looking for are your greatest assets. If you want to price higher than the market and higher than than the competition without evident justification you are already losing time and money.


Sell your home in Regina through increased awareness

Selling a home goes further than just putting up a sign. It enters marketing territory and this is an area where we at Cottage & Country Realty excel and really separate ourselves from other brokerages.

We understand the type of buyers that will value your home and target all of our advertising to them, as well as create targeted ads that will connect with them on an emotional level. We find out what truly makes your property unique.

We pay attention to detail and all of the finer points that will make buyers want your property. We offer professional in house photos that draw buyers in but don’t create a false sense of the property. Using these, and many other strategies, we raise perceived value in your home and increase demand to get a better offer for your property.


Driving online visitors into your home is what we do best

Almost all buyers preview homes online these days prior to viewing them in person. Because of this, online presence is crucial to finding qualified and interested buyers yet doing this effectively is getting harder and harder.

Google, as well as other online means, are where most people search for a property and this is where we excel, making sure your property comes up high in the search results through active means of search engine optimization and crucial back-end monitoring. We can track our results using tangible data showing traffic on our listings and use this information for real-time recommendations based on that information.