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Ryan owned an Acreage neighbouring Lumsden Beach. He had a really great piece of land with lots of space, in a good location, and had a house and little cottage on it. He needed to sell the property, unfortunately due to the market he was looking at taking a loss, but he still wanted to get as much for his property as he possibly could under the current market conditions.

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Although Ryan’s acreage had plenty of positives and unique traits, it down unfortunately carry some negative properties as well. The most notable would be that is was apart of the “slide” at lumsden beach that took place years ago. His property, along with two others were affected by the slide. Although this slide had taken places years prior and had been stabilized and seen no issues since, we had to get potential buyers to really understand this. Doing so was extremely difficult due to the recent news surrounding the lake as a whole regarding potential and past movement and gas being cut off and/or converted to propane. The home itself on the land was in need of repair, which required someone who was willing and able to do the necessary work.

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In order to overcome these adversities it first took a willingness to research and educate myself and Ryan about everything surround the property in terms of potential deterrents for any potential buyer. This meant really looking into the past issues with the slide that affected a small part of his property and all the issues around the entire lake. Understanding this, along with really understanding the current condition of the home and what needed to be renovated and the cost associated with that, we had to come to a reasonable asking price in which the market could support. This also required a very unique marketing strategy as well as a willingness to inform all potential buyers of all the circumstances and information surrounding the property and addressing any concerns they may have.

I would recommend Matt Taylor to anyone interested in purchasing or selling their home. He’s professional and honest. Which isn’t the case with all realtors. He’s willing to work around the clock to get your property sold. I would give him a 10/10, but its only allowing me to give a 5. 🙂

~ Ryan Bolan  

Another Property Sold

After many showings and an offer that had fallen through, we were able to find a buyer for Ryan’s property.  Although not a firm sale, we were able to find a contractor who wanted to move his family out to the property full time and enter into an agreement for sale. This means they will buy the property outright but a couple years down the road, in the meantime however, they live in the property, fix it up, and pay all expenses every month. We were able to “sell” Ryan’s property at full asking price. Everything is still going really well and is working out for Ryan and his agreement for sale. Although it does take a longer period of time, Ryan will eventually have a firm sale on his property and does not incur any expenses in the meantime.


I was honoured to be able to help in every way I could and was even more honoured to get such amazing feedback from them. Thank you so much!

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