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Nigel was looking for his first property in Regina. He had a specific budget and wanted to live in the North end. We needed to find a home that was structurally sound for the years to come, within budget, and in a great neighbourhood.

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The problem we faced was trying to come within budget and find a good home to invest in that was located in a nicer neighbourhood. Nigel originally thought about purchasing a condominium but decided that was not the lifestyle he wanted to live. In certain areas, it is really hard to find a property that is in really good shape with a strong foundation and is structurally sound overall without paying top dollar. When these properties do pop up, it is imperative to act quickly as they tend to sell within the first week of being on the market.

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We first needed to solidify the fact that Nigel did not want to live in a condominium. In order to do this we needed to not only see homes, but we needed to go and view different styles of condominiums as well. This really helped Nigel, who at first was unsure of what he wanted really realize that a home is what suited him the best. We viewed everything that was currently on the market that fit within his budget and criteria, which also helped him really understand what he could afford. Understanding that the “bones” of a property are most important and that if able and willing, putting in a little work to the aesthetics of a home we could really narrow our search and find something that would have less issues down the road. We had to be very proactive and watching for the right property daily as well as being willing and available to go view it as soon as possible.

Matthew made my first home purchase smooth and stress-free. His help looking at homes and evaluating properties was invaluable. I would highly recommend him to other potential home buyers. Thanks again, Matthew!.

~ Nigel Tourney

Home Sold

Eventually, after months of looking and viewing properties one popped up on a weekend in a great neighbourhood and within budget. The property had everything Nigel wanted and needed in his first home, it did need some aesthetic work, but Nigel was more than willing and happy to do it. We viewed the property immediately and made an offer on the property. After negotiations Nigel was finally able to call himself a home owner!


I was honoured to be able to help in every way I could and was even more honoured to get such amazing feedback from him. Thank you so much!

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