Matty Reed & Amanda Osicki Case Study

reaching the goalGoal

Originally, my first goal was to sell Matty’s home in Regina but after that was successful we had to find Matty and Amanda a new home out of the city. They wanted a change of pace and liked the idea of being near Lumsden since that’s where Matty grew up.

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We were on the hunt to find a rural home that still met their needs, all while being within their preferred budget. They didn’t know what exactly they were looking for so we just stayed in touch regarding the search and kept our eyes and ears on the lookout for “the one.”

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A client of mine at Regina Beach listed their home with me and indicated that they were wanting to offer their home at an attractive price to not only result in a potentially quick sale but to hopefully attract a younger couple as a starter home. As soon as we had the Seller’s property listed I published their listing on the MLS® via, our site at, OVLIX, Point2Homes, many 3rd party sites including Kijiji, print adverts, as well as social networking sites such as Facebook & Instagram to get it noticed. After it was listed and ready to go I told Matty about this property and he was instantly excited to look at this property with Amanda so I sent them a link to the listing. We booked a viewing to see if they liked the property as soon as possible.

 I can’t thank Brennan, and Cottage & Country Realty Ltd enough! Brennan went above and beyond with the purchase of our new home. He was readily available with all our questions and concerns. 5 stars is an understatement.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

~ Amanda Osicki  

Brennan sold my house, and was extremely professional! House was sold quickly because of his great advertising and photo tour. Great to deal with, and will again in the future!

~ Matty Reed  

Matty and Amanda

Success! Matty and Amanda quickly realized that this was the perfect home for them and pursued it. An offer was mutually put together and we got to work on financing among other conditions. I had referred an excellent mortgage broker, home inspector, and other specialists to Matty and Amanda who stuck with them every step of the way to make sure everything was in order for them to confidently purchase their new home. All conditions were removed and they officially became home owners at Regina Beach – my home town!

I was very happy to have Matty and Amanda move to the beach as we are always in search of awesome people to keep our local community thriving!

Thanks again for putting your trust in me on both accounts of selling your Regina home and helping you move out to Regina Beach!


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