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Katie was on the hunt for her very first home. She needed proper guidance but also had a very good idea of what she wanted. She knew her needs and wants and wanted to find a house in the north end of the city, preferably close to her parents, that fit her price range, and need minimal work prior to moving in.

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We viewed many properties, lots that had many positives but just didn’t fit what Katie needed in a home. We found a couple but unfortunately by the time we were ready to make an offer they had sold. Most of the homes we looked at that fit her criteria just didn’t feel right or had certain aspects that really wouldn’t fit her lifestyle. 

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Katie really liked a particular property that was out of her price range. We sat down and discussed the possibility of bringing them down in price (which was reasonable at the time due to the market conditions) and we hashed out a price range that would work, which did mean she had to stretch out her budget in order to get the home she really wanted. We took the time to really analyze the situation and compare the home she really wanted to the other possibilities we had viewed. Eventually we ended up getting the home she wanted for the price that fit her budget.

Matt was very knowledgeable and honest about all properties/neighbourhoods we looked at. He made sure I was kept up to date on all properties I was considering, and continued this throughout the transaction. He thoroughly explained each step of the transaction and made sure I was prepared for all possible outcomes, making it a less stressful experience. He was quick to respond to all questions I had. Overall, Matt was very respectful and professional throughout the whole experience. He was very enthusiastic about finding me the perfect home. I highly recommend working with Matt!

~ Katie Stanley  

Possession Day

It was a true pleasure to be of service to Katie and get her the property she is proud to call home!

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