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Colten and Tannin are a younger couple who were expecting. They wanted to find their first home together to raise their newborn. They wanted to move to the lake in order to for their soon to be born child to be close to grandma and grandpa. They needed to find a home that would fit their growing families needs as well as last and serve them for the years to come.

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Colten and Tannin were walking into something they had never done before. They were buying their first ever home and trying to find the perfect one to raise their growing family at the lake. They had no real idea of how and what to look for beyond what they had found online. Looking for a rural/resort home is a little more tricky than looking for a property within the city limits, especially if you don’t know what to look for, the questions to ask, and have any information about the area.

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After looking at too many properties many Buyers will find that they tend to lose sight of what they are looking for and all of the houses they’ve seen become a blur. We had to really dial in what was important and wait for that specific home to come up so we adjusted the parameters and became laser focussed. We now knew that a heated triple garage was very important as Blake likes to work on projects, that the north end was preferred since it was close to work for him, that the basement was finished with no major upgrades were needed, and lastly that the home was large enough that it could support a potential future family. Once we had EXACTLY what we were looking for we were determined to find it.

As first time home buyers we were nervous, we didn’t know anything about the realistate market. Mathew Taylor was an amazing realtor to work with , he answered all our questions and made sure we were taken care of. He truly had our best interest in mind in helping us find the perfect home for our little family . We have nothing but good things to say about Mathew and just keep up the good work.

~ Colten Lang 

Home Sold

After patiently waiting for the right property to show up for Blake I was contacted by another client of mine who was ready to step up into their dream home and needed to sell their current Lakeridge home in Regina. After heading to their place to complete a Comparative Market Analysis it occurred to me that this could literally be the perfect home for Blake. It met his price criteria, had a triple heated garage, was in the north end of Regina, and the entire home was immaculate/fully finished! I advised the Sellers that I potentially had a Buyer for them as we started the search for their new dream home. Once the Sellers found their new dream home I negotiated multiple offers on their behalf until we got them an amazing price, making their current home available. I listed their Lakeridge home and contacted Blake immediately, viewing the home on the first day it was listed – it was perfect for him resulting in Blake putting in an offer day 1 on the market and after only 12 days to satisfy some conditions we made it his!

This one may sound confusing, and that’s because the process truly can be, which is why you should always hire a professional REALTOR® to help you through the process.

It was a true pleasure to be of service to both Blake and my Sellers.


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