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Cara and Andrew owned a property at Grandview Beach. They needed to sell the property as quickly as they could while getting the most out of it.

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Cara and Andrew wanted to sell their property in a buyer’s market. There property was located at Grandview Beach, which had only seen a couple says in the past few years. There were also multiple other properties for sale at grandview beach but also the other resorts in the immediate area. The real problem was making their home stand out above all the others through marketing and strategy.

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In order to really make their property stand out from the others, I first had to really had to assess the entire west side of the lake. This meant really understanding the market and all competitive active listings and make the proper comparisons in order to help them arrive at a reasonable asking price that not only made their property stand out but also kept it competitive while netting them the most out of it. I also had to really expand advertising to all over using many different mediums in order to showcase the unique qualities their property had to offer, this involved but wasn’t limited to print advertising, social media, MLS advertising, internet advertising, etc.

Matt was fantastic to work with it. He was enthusiastic and eager to sell our property. He always kept us well informed during the process and answered all our questions quickly. I highly recommend working with Matt!

~ Cara Simpson

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We ended up finding a buyer after multiple showings! Cara and Andrew were able to sell their home in a very, very tough market, in an even tougher area! But not only that, they were able to get very close to asking price!


I was honoured to be able to help in every way I could and was even more honoured to get such amazing feedback from them. Thank you so much!

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