Blake Morsky Case Study

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We were on the hunt to find Blake a home, but not just any home, a home that he wouldn’t out grow in 5 years. We really weren’t sure ‘what’ we were looking for but were hoping we would know it when we saw it.

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Blake had been on the hunt for a couple of years with no success. We had been out on many showings and viewed properties in Regina, the White City/Pilot Butte area, Lumsden, and even Regina Beach. Nothing was really standing out and the search was becoming a challenge for Blake as many driving forces were impacting his decision of what he truly needed and wanted.

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After looking at too many properties many Buyers will find that they tend to lose sight of what they are looking for and all of the houses they’ve seen become a blur. We had to really dial in what was important and wait for that specific home to come up so we adjusted the parameters and became laser focussed. We now knew that a heated triple garage was very important as Blake likes to work on projects, that the north end was preferred since it was close to work for him, that the basement was finished with no major upgrades were needed, and lastly that the home was large enough that it could support a potential future family. Once we had EXACTLY what we were looking for we were determined to find it.

Brennan with Cottage & Country Realty helped me find my perfect home. I was buying in Regina and he spent countless hours showing me homes in around the area always being knowledgeable about amenities, conditions, and neighbourhoods. He helped me narrow down my needs finding a house that fit my budget, desires, and expectations. He was very patient with my countless texts and questions always helping me better understand what to watch for when viewing a home. He made the process and experience of buying as seamless and simple as possible for me. He was always available for me when it worked best for me. I highly recommend Brennan as he is a true professional.

~ Blake Morsky  

Blake and Brianna

After patiently waiting for the right property to show up for Blake I was contacted by another client of mine who was ready to step up into their dream home and needed to sell their current Lakeridge home in Regina. After heading to their place to complete a Comparative Market Analysis it occurred to me that this could literally be the perfect home for Blake. It met his price criteria, had a triple heated garage, was in the north end of Regina, and the entire home was immaculate/fully finished! I advised the Sellers that I potentially had a Buyer for them as we started the search for their new dream home. Once the Sellers found their new dream home I negotiated multiple offers on their behalf until we got them an amazing price, making their current home available. I listed their Lakeridge home and contacted Blake immediately, viewing the home on the first day it was listed – it was perfect for him resulting in Blake putting in an offer day 1 on the market and after only 12 days to satisfy some conditions we made it his!

This one may sound confusing, and that’s because the process truly can be, which is why you should always hire a professional REALTOR® to help you through the process.

It was a true pleasure to be of service to both Blake and my Sellers.


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