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Blaine wanted to buy his first home in Regina. He had a really good idea of what he was looking for and what area he wanted to live in. One of the biggest needs he had on his list was a double garage.

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There are a number of variables that will affect the value of the home, location is one of these things. Sometimes in order to find a property that has most of all your needs/wants you do need to sacrifice something. After viewing homes that fit all of Blaine’s criteria we realized that in order for him to get his necessary garage and in the area he wanted he would be paying top dollar for a property that either had less than ideal bones and/or needed lots of work.

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I sat down with Blaine and we talked about his needs and wants. The house itself, ultimately, was the most important thing. Without a very good, structurally sound home a garage is not really worth it. Blaine could buy a property that already had a garage but would and potentially have to spend lots of money on maintenance and upgrading of the primary residence, his home. So in order to get Blaine a great property and the garage he wanted, I talked to him about the idea of getting an improvement mortgage. This would allow us to look for houses without a garage but still allow him to get enough financing from the bank so after, he could have a brand new garage built.

Matt is great to work with makes for a lot of fun looking at homes and stress free. He is very honest and wont just tell you what you want to hear. I highly recommend Matt to anyone looking to purchase a home!

~ Blaine Tourney  

Blaine eventually found the perfect home, it did not have a garage but it had everything else he needed and wanted. He got an improvement mortgage from the bank and on top of it all, was able to have a brand new garage built, exactly how he wanted it!

I was honoured to be able to help in every way I could and was even more honoured to get such amazing feedback from him. Thank you so much!

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