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by Matthew Taylor, May 30, 2018 Regina Houses

Why owning is better than renting

I hope this gives you an idea of how to buy and get out of renting and why renting is a bad idea. First of all, when you rent you are giving your money to someone else, it is plain and simple. You are building equity for your landlord when...

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by Matthew Taylor, May 28, 2018 Regina Houses

The Importance of Acting Fast

The Real Estate market is a very volatile thing, there are no guarantees, even when you do end up finding the best property. Chances are that when you finally do find "the one", someone else has as well, and it is the SAME PROPERTY! When it feels right, you need...

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sell your home in regina
by Matthew Taylor, May 24, 2018 New Homes

The Nine Easy Steps to Purchasing Your New Home

  Intro   Finding your next or even your first home is no menial task. It is a process that can take up a lot of time and create unnecessary stress in your already busy life! Fortunately there are ways to prepare yourself for the “big move” and for finding...

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by Matthew Taylor, May 21, 2018 Regina Houses

Making your home winter ready!

Making Your Home Winter Ready   Organizing your home for winter can seem like an annoying and perhaps unnecessary chore. But the financial benefits will outweigh any feelings of being "put out." Winter heating costs can skyrocket if your windows are poorly insulated, your plumbing breaks, or if the heating...

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by Matthew Taylor, May 17, 2018 Regina Houses

17 Mistakes Sellers Make when putting their home on the market and how YOU can avoid them.

17 Mistakes Sellers Make when putting their home on the market and how YOU can avoid them.   Pricing the property too high- Have a REALTOR determine comparable sales based on the most current market data to avoid overpricing. On average, properties sell for the highest price within the first...

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by Matthew Taylor, May 15, 2018 Regina Houses

Setting the right price, the right way

How do you set the Right Price? Measure your home against similar neighborhood homes that have recently been sold or are currently on the market. Determine what features make your house stand out among others currently on the market.  After all, buyers are comparison shoppers.  Weighing the spending of a...

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